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Benjamin BALENSI starts playing music at the age of 5, through the apprenticeship of the classical piano. Then, he follows courses in the National Conservatory and in Musicology University in south of France.
As many artists of his generation, Benjamin grows up with the sounds of Funk, Jazz Disco,80’s music, and then falls in love with House music. In the middle of the 90’s, he begins composing original titles with his friend Frédéric Clement in his home studio. From this moment he knows his life will be made around music, between Daft Punk and Debussy, or Ray Charles.
Benjamin begins working in nightclubs as DJ and then introduce an original concept in France with piano improvisation on House music. He performs in the most famous nightclubs of South of France and is naturally noticed by producers to work on musical projects.
In 2003, he lauches, under the name of Ben Evans, his first White Label. The year following, he meets Antoine Clamaran, one of the most respected produer of electronic music, and works with him as composer and instrumentalist for titles like Feel it...
In 2005, Benjamain BALENSI and Moné (well known for the inescapable “Money” by David Guetta, ) produce the title “Samba de Calypso” (Sunshine Records), this collaboration is about to give birth to many other titles.
At only 22, Benjamin is destined to a promising future, you can be sure that dancefloor will keep moving for a long time...


  • Loco (Club Mix)
  • Loco (Full Strings Remix)