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This Colombian DJ Producer began his musical career at the age of 17. In 1992 DJ Fist joined the first all electronic radio station in Colombia "La X 91.9 FM"

Fist took an interest in producing after having heard the tribal sounds made by house authorities such as Ralphi Rosario, Peter Rahoufer, Junior Vasquez, and Danny Tenaglia, whose tracks created the bases of the sound Fist was looking for to produce. Once the Tribal sounds of Robbie Rivera and Antoine Clamaran appeared, his tribal spark ignited and started producing.

His first worldwide release, "El Pajaro" which was Tumbata Records first release, had extensive airplay and reached high chart positions in radio stations such as Maxima FM in Spain. It also gained recognition among many DJ's such as Angel Alanis, Eddie Amador, Antoine Clamaran, to name a few. Other productions and Remixes have been released by Drumline,Pure Music Records, Catch 22, Ambassade, and Concave, under the names Ficho 1, DJ Fist, and Ramirez & Tejada.

Currently, Fist is working on several projects, which include two record labels beside Mario Ochoa and Noizzer, Adverso records and Reverence Recordings. Several new tracks in collaboration with Noizzer as "Da Groovemakers" for labels such as RPO Traxx, Terratraxx, Distinto, Distraekt and Beat Freak. One remix for Kobbe and Austin Leeds aka The Land of Voodoo for Kobbe´s label "Concave" and another tribal track beside Peter Presta.
Many of his tracks, most of them released in Tumbata Records, have been played by Seb Fontaine, Stonebridge, DJ Disciple, Bad Boy Bill, Dean Coleman , Joe T. Vanelli, Steve Angello, Roger S , and Antoine Clamaran.

African and Latin Rhythmes are a big influence in both his production as well as his DJ sets, which are full of flavor and drums.


  • Manati
  • Jabali
  • Armadillo
  • Shake That Shit
  • 101. The Morning After (NEW !)
  • 102. Let Me See Yo Work (NEW !)
  • 103. Back in The Jungle
  • 104. Tribal Superstar
  • 105. The Mad Drummer
  • 106. Anywhere Else (NEW !)
  • 107. Don't Panic
  • 108. Piano Madness (with Robinson Valentti)
  • 109. Beat The Drums
  • 110. Restless
  • 111. Stand By
  • 201. Hypersonic (Robinson Valentti) (NEW !)
  • 202. From The Jungle
  • 203. U Know U Feel This
  • 204. Don't Swallow
  • 205. The Creator (NEW !)
  • 206. Oasis
  • 207. Psycho
  • 208. Make Some Noise
  • 209. Slam
  • 210. Tabasco
  • Back In The Jungle
  • Stand By
  • Piano Madness (w/ Robinson Valenti)
  • Restless
  • Make Some Noise
  • Don't Panic
  • Don't Swallow
  • Slam
  • You Know U Feel This
  • Oasis
  • Oasis (Mario Ochoa Remix)
  • Psycho
  • Together
  • Beat The Drums
  • The Mad Drummer
  • From The Jungle