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His real name is Giovani Bedoya, He was born in 1984 in Medellin Colombia. His taste for music begins at the age of 5 when he started learning to play piano with a private teacher. Before knowing the electronic gender Giovani felt a strong taste for classical music.
With the introduction of the electronic gender in Colombia, Giovani wanted to enter in it producing only he didnít want to perform due to his education as a musician.
His sound started with a strong inspiration on House Sound, the most. With time he started to work along with some other dj's from his city (DJ WAD) making the 8Hz duo with a strong tendency of progressive House.
Then he joined three more dj's friends, and he formed Latin Players, they're currently licensed of the music label POOL E MUSIC from France, property of the Well-Known Antoine Clamaran, with LATIN PLAYERS the releases like Surprise and Tribal Attack (Congos Records).
And like JUNATIK, presents your first release THE SYNTHPLAYER EP part 1(Academy Records), and soon... the Junatik's productions in Eyezcream Recordins, Molacacho Recordings, Unlove Records, Adverso Records....