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DJ & Producer, Samuele Sartini is still one of these DJs who fulfill, with his genuine style, the movement known as soulfull house. Universally better known with this name, exactly Soufull House, this genre is all along known for its quality both in the choice of sample and in the choice of the partners to work with as in the case of Soul Boy (Wendy Lewis) where the voice makes the difference to realize a project.

He’s extending his release-list both with his tracks and as a selector for compilation. As singles he made already “Keep On Moving” and “Soul Boy”. For what concerning compilations he made the three volumes of “Cafe’ Pasquini” which are obtaining lot of success also between the other DJs and compilers, good number in terms of sale too. By now Samuele realized lot of collaborations: actually he’s going to work with Michael Watford, Ce Ce Rogers, Wendy Lewis and Joy Salinas.


  • Soulboy (extended club)
  • Soulboy (Ivan Iacobucci Remix)
  • Soulboy (Jordan Dee Remix)