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Tristy Nesh ( Inaf ) publishes first record together with his brother in production project KOAN in 1996.for Expire records.
Born in 1975 in Vukovar (Croatia), since he was little he showed interest in music, and on his first synthesizer he created diverse sounds and effects. After finishing college in Rijeka and Zagreb he moves to Split.
He publishes his first solo record under name Inaf in 2002.,and with expansion of house and techno culture he gets more and more offers as a producer, and also publishes records for many international labels. His biggest success was with a record for Monoid rec. and also starts working as a dj that same year. He performs in many domestic and international clubs including german cult club TV – Whatever and Halle 02.
With his art production and tech approach in video clip for I betcha, he attracts many video artists and in the same year he is among the selection of film festival called «14.dani hr.filma». In lack of good club happenings in Split, he starts a club program «100 degrees», presenting national and international dj's and producers of quality.
After 10 techno releases under the name Inaf, he changes his sound forward minimal electro house. In 2006 he starts working under the new name Tristy Nesh and performing as a live act.