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Sunfreakz is a project started by Belgian producer Tim Janssens (Damien Strong, TJ Cubana). Mainly influenced by 70’s and 80’s electronic music (Tangerine Dream, Vangelis), the Sunfreakz sound combines modern groove beats with very melodical lead’s and chord changes.

Tim started out as a classical trained composer, first venturing into the world of trance (Decoy&Roy’s Innerlife), before settling into house music, where he feels the music possibilities are much wider. Besides House music, he also composes soundtracks.

Together with DJ Roy Rox, he produced the Sunfreakz track „Riding The Wave“, bringing instant sunshine into the clubs.

Signed on OXYD, the single started to obtain great club recognition and Djs appreciations around Europe. First signings were with POSITIVA in Uk and Alphabet City in Germany in its original instrumental version, but upon the release of the great vocal version „Counting Down The Days“ composed by a great German Team and performed by Andrea Britton, which gives a more trancy feel to the song, further licensings around the world arrived.

The single is scheduled for release in all the following countries: France, Portugal, Japan, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Canada, Ukraina and Russia.

A fantastic Axwell remix together with a wide range of remixes (Fonzerelli, DT8, Plastic Funk, Tunebrothers, Henrik B, Le Monde, Laurent Pautrat) completes the full package.


  • Counting Down The Days ( Axwell Remix )
  • Counting Down The Days ( Le Monde Remix )
  • Counting Down The Days ( Original Extended Vocal Mix )
  • Sunfreakz - Riding The Wave ( InstrumentalMix )