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It started in 1992 when Laurent met Antoine Clamaran in a hype nightclub in Auxerre, the Terpsichore. Laurent, a musician and composer, and Antoine, who at that time was a DJ at the Palace and other known nightclubs, decide to work together. This spontaneous alliance leads to a strong friendship still lasting and fruitful after nearly twenty years.

The Clap Production company is created in 1995 by Laurent and Antoine, after the success of 400Hz’s “I’ve Got The Music In Me” and other tracks like Carayca “Come On”.
It will witness, among others, the creation of Omega “Dreaming Of A Better World”, “Peace And Harmony”, “No War”; Bubble Gum “Be Happy”, Dj Zebulon, as well as significant remixes for renowned artists (Dalida, Kid Creole, Gloria Estefan, Dead or Alive, Regine, Michel Sardou…).

Antoine and Laurent created in 2002 their own records company Pool e Music with 25 labels & famous artists (Armin Van Burren, The Drill, Roger Sanchez, Paris Avenue, Kurd Maverick, Da Hool, Tom Novy, TV Rock, Tristan Garner, Gregori Klosman…).
Antoine and Laurent have built several businesses related to music and DJing, including a records company (Pool e Music), a production company (Clap Production), a publishing company (D-Plac Production), and a company of artists management (Akan).

Laurent Pautrat is above all renowned for the creativity and originality of his productions. Contrary to many producers in electronic music, Laurent seldom uses turntables to play his music.

He is a true musician proffering his imagination to DJs all over the world. By remixing Boogie Pimp (for Ministry of Sound UK), Sebastian Ingrosso, Sucker DJs, The Drill, Da Hool “Meet Her At The Love Parade”... Laurent Pautrat impress his techno style and knowledge in France and throughout the world.

In 2007, by popular demand, Laurent agrees to release his very first album, a best of called : The Dog Is In The House. More than 15 years of his best productions, a mix of disco, techno, house and dance music.

His production “Want A Gay”, released on Peaktime Records, was played again and again on Fun Radio in the Party Fun show, and was remixed in 2010 by Laurent himself and Tristan Garner, French Government, Matt River, Groove Stage to be charted as a "Hit" on MusicboxLive and Yacast Chart !

As a discoball, Laurent shares his time between his companies, productions, remixes and he creates and manages a lot of musical & artists projects (Silk’n Glam, Joanna Rays...)
His new track “Sexy Girl” is available now including remixes by Muttonheads, Fred Closer, Julien Gral & Romain K, Bass Fly and Praha!!


  • Original Mix
  • Alexdoparis Remix
  • Jerome Zambino Madness-Room Remix
  • Original Club Mix
  • JJ Mullor Remix
  • Original Mix
  • Progressive Mix
  • Matt River Remix
  • Original Mix
  • Muttonheads Remix
  • Fred Closer Remix
  • Julien Gral & Roman K Remix
  • Bass Fly Remix
  • Laurent Pautrat Praha Remix
  • Original Mix 2010
  • Tristan Garner Remix
  • French Government Remix
  • Matt River Remix
  • Groove Stage Remix
  • Laurent Pautrat Berlin Mix
  • Original Club Mix
  • Antoine Clamaran Remix
  • Brian Arc Remix
  • Sambatek (Original Club Mix)
  • All The Music (Original Mix)
  • Your Love (Original Club Mix)
  • Someone To Blame (Original Radio Edit
  • Shake Your Body (2007 Radio Edit
  • I Will Love The Summer (Radio Edit)
  • Gloria (2007 Edit)
  • To The Top (2007 Edit)
  • Cant Stop (Dance Edit)
  • My Position (2007 Edit)
  • Right Now Baby (2007 Edit)
  • Mr Dicky Pinky (2007 Edit)
  • Want A Gay (2007 Edit Mix)
  • Tu MExcites (Radio Edit)
  • Want A Gay (Remix 2007)
  • Gloria (Electro Club Mix)
  • Someone To Blame (Greg Dorian Remix)
  • Stop The Music (Laurent Schark 70's Disco Remix)
  • Circonstances (Chris Kaeser Remix)
  • Can't Stop The Music
  • The Fire
  • Mr Dicky Pinky (DBN Remix LP RE-Edit)
  • Right Now Baby (Acapella)
  • Megamix By The Soundcarvers
  • Stop The Music (Dance Club Mix)
  • Stop The Music (Original Club Mix)
  • Stop The Music (Laurent Schark 70s Disco Remix)
  • Stop The Music (Bimbo Mix)
  • Mister Dinky Pinky (Club Vocal Mix)
  • Mister Dinky Pinky (Club Instrumental Mix)
  • Laurent Pautrat VS Benjamin Balensi - To The Top
  • Laurent Pautrat - Body Music
  • My Position (Electro Mix)
  • My Position (House Mix)
  • Sex Addict (Addiction Mix)
  • Sex Addict (Original Mix)
  • Want A Gay (Deep Gay Mix)
  • Want A Gay (X Centric mix)
  • Circonstances (Chris Kaeser Remix)
  • Circonstances (Original Mix)
  • Make Me That Sweet
  • Gloria (Original Mix)
  • Gloria (Electro Mix)
  • The Music (Part 1)
  • The Music (Part 2)
  • Right Now Baby (Murder Mix)
  • Right Now Baby (800 Hz Mix)