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Jay Lumen, his real name is Csaba Lumnitzer. Music is part of his life since his childhood years. He learnt music in a conservatoire for eight years, which provides a good basis to his ambition of making music. During his schooldays it was shown, that he rather turned the compositions of the classical authors to his own style, than he played the original versions of them. Although he learnt to play on a classical instrument – violin – he early recognized that his desire for creative work wasn’t satisfied with this instrument. Immediately he got his first computer, he started to make his ideas to be heard. In the meantime he started to get to know the synthetizator in the way of self-education. As he obtained the more developed technologies and softwares, developed himself with them, he got more and more closer to that sounding in which he felt himself familiar.
Several DJ’s and producers took notice of his compositions. In the early years they played his compositions in bootleg versions with special liking, later they played his officially published musical tracks. His compositions usually can be heard in several Radio Shows by DJ’s: in Proton Radio, Frisky Radio, Play.fm, Justmusic.fm, Globalbeats.fm, Roxy Radio, Radio 2, ADN Alternative, etc.
Nowadays with his publications he became the permanent actor of the Balance Record Pool Chart Top 50, which made by international selling data and the opinion of famous DJ’s and producers. (Danny Tenaglia, Luke Chable, Chris Fortier, Deepsky, Bill Hamel, Quivver, Oscar G, Tony Thomas, etc…)
Taking notice of his musical tracks ,the XMAG party magazine compiled one of his most successful compositions (Jay Lumen – Lima / Original Mix) to the track list of its Progressive Future mix CD, which came out in 15000 copies and was available for the musical fanatics. On the mix CD he acted among so famous producers like Way Out West, Luke Chable, Eelke Kleijn, Dousk, DJ Tarkan, etc…
Besides composing music he became more and more open to the dj scena. In the beginning he played his favourite tracks from vinyl, but later, following the technical development, he changed the vinyl to using CDs.
He builds his sets from the musical basis of house, electro, progressive house and progressive trance. His sounding is featured by dynamic, pulsating grooves as you can hear it also in his compositions and in his sets. He usually appears in several radio stations’ programme with his DJ mixes like Proton Radio, Frisky Radio, ADN Alternative, Justmusic.fm, etc


  • Midnight Express (Original Mix)
  • Midnight Express (Andro Dub)
  • Jay Lumen vs Human II Human - Plasticated Express