Chynna, first burst on the global music scene in 2004, creating a truly massive commotion with the planetary hit, "Doo Wap". (Labels Music/EMI), (co-written with Paul Johnson and Produced by Joachim Garraud ). She did so by dramatically reinventing the role of confessional singer-songwriter for a whole new generation of music lovers.

Still riding the wave of a successful record she once again has teamed with famed producer(s) David Guetta and Joachim Garraud, who invited her to vocally perform, "HIGH ENERGY", (NRJ Music/Virgin (france)), a remake of a classic International Anthem from the early nineties and followed-up with an original song for side B titled “Innocent Kiss”. Chynna --previously a moderately known singer and songwriter–is no doubt rapidly becoming perhaps the most talked-about and eagerly anticipated Artist.

She is teaming with various Producers planning for her debut album project.

From the U.S.A., Europe to Africa. Chynna, is establishing herself as a performer of rare energy, heat and intensity whose vocal and song styling have earned her the respect of her peers and fans. When asked if she had a formula for writing and/or performing her reply was "No, not really, Music is elemental, and one of the purest forms of true freedom and universal expression through human emotion". In other words, music, to me, is life and love, I love life.”

Like other greats Church was her introduction to music with her influences being Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Madonna, Chris Isaac, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin.

Blue is “Electric” evoking happiness, excitement, warmth, sensuality, Energy. Chynna Blue.


  • Sami Dee & Freddy Jones Remix
  • Brian Arc & Edu O Remix
  • Brown Sugar & Niko De Luka Remix
  • Ledge Extended Remix