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Mademoiselle Luna has always been part of the Belgian Clubbing scene since the beginning of the 90s, when she began her career as a photographer for the Club "The Fuse" and evolved afterwards as a dancer.

She became popular as manager in all the best clubs of Belgium, France and Miami during tours with a group of dancers.

At the end of 2002, she is responsible of a DJ bar called "Q Bar" situated in the centre of Brussels. Music & Rhythm having always been her passion and being an easy step towards the « turntable »… It is a revelation… She begins to do gigs with her DJ friends.

Various clubs in the centre of Brussels are booking her immediately; she made her first public appearance at the Armani night next to Danii Minogue in October 2003.

After that, everything goes really fast. Her talent, her musical style, both hip and glamorous, make her the resident DJ at "You" in Brussels. She is booked for the most famous events in the Capital but also in France, Corsica, Portugal and Marrakech where she impressed a lot of people with her technical skills.

Mademoiselle Luna performs in all trendy clubs. Her music style moves between Groove, House and Electro House and this particular « lunar touch » helps her seduce the audience she interacts with.

She is part of top recognized DJs ... and we definitely recommend her!


  • Digital Mode Vocal Extended
  • Frank Degrees Vocal Extended
  • Vince Ruff Vocal Extended
  • Vince Ruff Mix
  • Digital Mode Remix
  • Frank Degrees Mix