Aaron Smith- Self taught himself piano skills from the age of 16, by 1990 he started with a three-man production group, UBQ Project with Ron Trent and Terry Hunter,

From 1991-1999 UBQ Project continued on with Aaron writing and producing many tracks, which lead him to become known as a successful producer and remixer. His discography list many remixes for major artists such as Michael Jackson, MAW, Mary J. Blige, Georgie Porgie, Ten City and India. Aaron has written and produced such classics as “When I Fell In Luv”, Harvest for the World” and “Going Round”. With his current single “Dancin” on Boss Records and his vigorous touring, and hectic recording schedule, he is clearly solidifying his impact in the music industry.

Aaron’s skills has also lead him to work on various Hip-Hop and R&B projects with local artists as well as Luvli, the lead singer and co-writer of “Dancin”.


  • Dancin' (Steve Smooth & Jj Flores Remix)
  • Dancin' (Raul Rincon Remix)
  • Dancin' (Fuzzy Hairt Remix)
  • Dancin' (Soulshaker Remix)