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ELEKTROKID a.k.a. David Deneyer:
Is the co-founder of the record label: Moyo Records. The co-producer of the club hits “Yeah”, “The
Teacher”, and “House In Play” among others. His extensive production and remix work features tracks
for Yves DeRuyter, Dave Lambert, Elektrokiss, Benny Benassi, Wonderland Avenue, Minimalistix, DJ
Liberty and so forth. Elektrokid’s passion for music spearheaded his mastering & mixing prowess for
several big name acts on the international scene, from R&B to Rap (US). His colossal drive has seen
him perform as DJ in trendy clubs and music events in collaboration with other heavyweights in the DJ
fraternity (including DJ Tiësto).
The Beginning
From very early on, David was fascinated by electronic “symphonies”, especially Techno and Dance.
With entrepreneurial zeal he spent his early years gathering all the elements he needed to put together
his own music studio. Once this was achieved, he spent several years mixing Disco tunes and honing
his music production skills, hence the name he got; Elektrokid.
His Achievements
By the mid 1990s Sony Records recognized the amazing potential of Elektrokid and decided to create
the label K&S. During a 4-year period, Elektrokid compiled and produced several successful tracks.
In 1999 Elektrokid left Sony Records in order to join Mostiko. The evolution continued unabated. Along
with the upstart Moyo Records, Elektrokid took a fresh start in Dance Music altogether. Gone were
the big-budget tailor-made compilations. The emphasis shifted now to leaving a distinctively personal
imprint on each single new track. This shift in perception has been reflected in the wide acclaim received
for the enhanced singularity of his work.
Elektrokid has emerged steadily, as an accomplished and diverse DJ. His style is distinctive as he
effortlessly joins Electro, House and even Progressive – Electronic Music. His tracks have seduced a
wide audience. As a matter of fact, Elektrokid is the leader of a new generation of musical artists – worth
seeing (or in this case hearing) to fully appreciate this one-of-a-kind talent.
The Future
Elektrokid’s seminal album “FUTURAMA” was released in May 2007 on the label Moyo Records. The
new album features a heap of intensity in a wide range of sounds. The flavor goes from Pop-like radio
productions (Feel Better, Let’s Do It Again), the Alternative Electronic genre (Graffiti, Instant, Toolz), to
groovy Club tracks (A World Of DJS).
This unique release is highly recommended; the album is available on audio CD and for download on
all major on-line digital music stores. Elektrokid is currently working on yet another new album entitled
“BIG STEREO”, with several more exciting projects in the pipeline. Among them; an up-to-date official
remix of the famous Survivor track “Eye Of The Tiger”. Stay tuned!


  • Club Mix
  • Dub Mix
  • Original Radio Edit
  • Short Mix