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A DJ since the age of fourteen, Danish born Asle (born Asle Bjorn) aka Full Blown can boast a high musical pedigree. Inspired and encouraged by his musical family, Asle proved his to be a natural musical talent by mastering the flute by age nine before adding guitar, drums and piano to his repertoire. Asle is however a child of the acid house era and so chose to put his classical training to use within the synthesized world of electronic music.

The combination of raw talent and passion for dance music has resulted in an impressive rise to prominence within the global dance scene. Stand out releases for some of the coolest house labels around including Cr2, Size and Yoshitoshi have cemented Asle reputation as one of the best around at creating a cool but accessible sound placing him in the same league of “turn to guy” as Seamus Haji, Steve Angello and Raul Rincon. These skills have led to invitations to work with labels such as Sony, Universal, Positiva, Ministry Of Sound, Southern Fried, London and Nebula to provide remixes for frontline acts including New Order, Luther Vandross, Nickleback, The Source ft Candi Stanton and Funky Green Dogs.

With a strong production portfolio secured Asle has spent the last three years developing his own Blow Out Records label in to the main outlet for his music. The culmination of this journey is the release of his debut artist album, ‘My Places’, in January. It is clear from the first listen of ‘My Places’ that this is a piece of work that is as close to a pitch perfect cross-over dance album as you could ask for. Asle has stepped up his game, by fusing pop-standard song writing and radio friendly production with a beautiful and subtle sonic palette. The clue to what this album is about is in the title.

Like fellow Scandinavian’s Trentemoller and Royskoop, Asle has a natural ear for melody, whether they be the haunting, melancholy variety or the uplifting, euphoric kind, which he manages to combine with highly accomplished arrangements which are reminiscent of Hybrid in their pomp with soaring orchestral strings sitting neatly next to the darkest of basslines.

Most noticeable however are the enchanting vocals of Engelina Andrina’s whose emotive, heart-felt delivery perfectly compliments Asle’s understated productions and gives depth to the tracks.


  • Original Mix
  • Addict DJs Remix
  • Faustix Remix
  • AddiXion Remix
  • The Divine Guys Remix