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Singer and author coming from the South of France, Joanna Rays began producing in 2000. She is a complete artist (dancing, singing…), open to very different musical influences.
She gradually evolved in the « pop-rock » milieu , releasing a 12-track-album early 2006, performing with her musicians to promote it on stages before renowned French singers such as Magic System, Emile & Images...

Year 2008 was a turning-point, as she was invited to write and sing 2 songs respectively for Yann Syena and Loic B : “Not the One” and “Makes Me Shiver” revealed her to the French electro-house ground, including clubs and radios (FG DJ RADIO, FUN RADIO, NRJ, VITAMINE, CONTACT, ESPACE, NTI, HOTMIX…). Both titles were also licensed on EMI, UNIVERSAL, SONY BMG and WAGRAM compilations.

Boosted by these successes, she was contacted by several producers willing to collaborate with her on their projects. Indeed “FEEL IT” with Ludoloza (Pool-E-Music), “KEEP ON” with Christophe Fontana (Hypetraxx Records) and “NO MATTER” with Clubshot (Njoy Records) were broadcasted on several national radios and in clubs. “NO MATTER” was even played and supported by international DJs such as Roger Sanchez, Mischa Daniels, Thomas Gold…

Her signature on Pool-E-Music (Antoine Clamaran and Laurent Pautrat’s recording company) with “FEEL IT” in 2009 led Joanna to meet more and more talented producers, who decided to collaborate with her on an album project, and proposed her some compositions that would match and emphasize the freshness of her voice.
First of all, “RISE UP”, a fresh and dynamic track released during summer 2010 , in collaboration with Michael Kaiser and CLAP production, and soon playlisted on FUN RADIO Lebanon , NTI, FUN RADIO Belgium, HOTMIX…

From now on, efforts are focussed on her new single coproduced with Fred Closer aka Digital Mode, and entitled “PRAY” (coming up on September 20th). An hymn to positivity and hope which announces her first album (“JUST A WOMAN”) with surprising and beautiful collaborations (Muttonheads, Nael, Michael Kaiser, Eric Laville, Laurent Schark, Laurent Pautrat, Fred Closer / Digital Mode, MT Elliot…)


PRAY (Fred Closer & Joanna Rays / Pool-e-Music 2010)
Original Version : Fred Closer aka Digital Mode and Joanna Rays. Remixes : Eric Laville, Matt River, Hell Ektrik.

RISE UP (Michael Kaiser feat. Joanna Rays / Pool-e-Music 2010)
Remixes : Laurent Pautrat, Laurent Schark, Patrick G, Addict DJs.

NO MATTER (Clubshot feat. Joanna Rays / Njoy Records 2010)
Original version : Adena & Brian Arc, aka Clubshot. Remixes : Jeremy Kalls, Frenchmasterz, Phonk d'or.

ARMONIA (Christophe Fontana / Hypetraxx Records 2010)
Remix : Marbrax

FEEL IT (Pool-e-Music, 2009)
Original Version : Ludoloza. Remixes : Laurent Schark, Patrick G, Marbrax, Steve Cokins.

KEEP ON (Christophe Fontana feat. Joanna Rays / Hypetraxx Records 2009)
Remixes : John Revox, Ludoloza, Alan Waves.

MAKES ME SHIVER (Loic B feat. Joanna Rays / Innove Recordings 2008)
Remixes : Yann Syena, Xavier Maldini & Ludovic Ross

NOT THE ONE (Yann Syena feat. Joanna Rays / Innove Recordings 2008)
Remix : Loic B.


  • Muttonheads Original Mix
  • The Nycer Remix
  • Mills & Kane Remix
  • Laurent Schark Remix
  • Alllex Rio Loco remix
  • Laurent Pautrat Remix
  • Kitsch 2.0 Remix
  • Original Mix
  • Laurent Schark Remix
  • Patrick G Remix
  • Marbrax Remix
  • Steve Cockins Remix