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Since 10 years, DJ Raxx uses to work on many French radios, particularly in South of France, where he enforces his taste for House/Percussion, Electro/House and Techno.
In September 2003, DJ Raxx starts to play with DJ Kolesky at "100% Club" broadcasted on 18 French FM frequencies. However, the two guys start to work together in 2002 when they co produce "Electro-Caliente".
Since this time, DJ Raxx releases several productions as "Tech-House", "Queen Elektra" or "Mélodie à la Menthe" on French labels.
In 2004, he join Pool e Music team on Antoine Clamaran Congos Records label with his percussive "BATUKAD'HOUSE" and "UFM" tracks and in 2007, Psycho Electro on Pooledigital.
Since 2007, Dj Raxx release his production on the label "CCCP Recordings", "Tribal Attack"and "Pumpin Muzik" .


  • Cataclysm (Original Club Mix)
  • Psycho Electro (Original Club Mix)
  • Musique Pour Gogos (Original Club Mix)
  • Musique Pour Gogos (Dub Mix)