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Emerging on the scene in 2008, the french duo "Addict Djs"started their career in the mythical parisian club "Regine's".
Very quickly, they make a name for themselves and are invited to guest Dj at the numerous clubs of the capital. A few months and countless nights Djing later, they are given a monthly residency at one of the most reputable French clubs "The Queen". This gig marks a turning point in their career and allows them to sign with a booking agency. At 22 years old, new opportunities start to arise. For over a year, they travel all around France and Europe performing in prestigious clubs. Encouraged by their success, they manage to lead a prolific producing career, alongside their touring act.

Their first experience in studio is a collaboration with the singer Katherine Ellis (Cerrone, Freemasons, Bimbo Jones) for whom they compose 3 titles. Later on, they have remixed numerous artists such as Laurent Wolf (Explosion/Columbia), Bimbo Jones (Freeze/Tommy Boy) and even Kat Deluna (Bailalo/Universal).
Soon after, they meet the diva Robin S during a live set at "High Club" in Nice (France). From this encounter is born the track "Be Thankful", soon to be released in 2010. Recently, they remixed Florian Gasperini (Lucy/Pool E Music), playlisted by Roger Sanchez, Hot Champagne (Don't make me wait/Pool E Music), and Stan Courtois (Malosax 2010 Miami hot mix). Today, signed with Pool E Music, "Addict Djs" will introduce their new track "I'm Coming out" with Katherine Ellis in August 2010, that promises to be a hit in the clubs. For now, "Addict Djs" shares their time between their Parisian studio and airports.

For every gig, every tour, every country travelled, they pick-up new influences that give their music all it's richness. Heavily influenced by the pionneers of the genre like most producers of their generation, their productions stand out because of their desire to convey their emotions at the moment. Each of their tracks tell this story, that of two Parisian Dj's passionated by music, and electrified by the crowd that came to listen to them. Today represented by "Be Vanguard", they
continue to tour the clubs with this contagious energy that characterizes them and galvanizes the clubbers.


  • Original Mix
  • Bimbo Jones Remix
  • Florian Gasperini Remix
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