“Latin Players” is born in Medellin (Columbia) in the middle of the year 2003, when its creator Giovani Bedoya decides to build a live set, well marked by Latin sounds and grooves, with influences of tribal house and electro. He talks soon about this to his friend Miguel Angel Posada, who is immediately excited by the idea. Then begin the Latin Players project…!! The necessity to build a complete live act and the will to show something integrally new are reinforced by the entrance of Juan David Molina and David Vallejo into the project. Indeed, these young producers of the new Columbian scene use to contribute to such new ideas and concepts with their own tribal style. The track “Vibration” is included in Expo Djs Words tribute compilation, what makes the Latin Players reach the competitive world of Columbian producers. Influenced by local Djs like DJ Wad, DJ Fist among others, the Latin Players evolve to their present style, which is a fusion between tribal and electro as their new tracks “Surprise” and “Tribal Attack” now released on Antoine Clamaran’s tribal label Congos Records (Pool e Music).