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Attracted by techno music in early 90s, Mat Weasel Busters aka Keewix starts to compose cheezy melodies mixed with overpitched beats on synths and grooveboxes...
From 1992 to 1996 he composed and play happy hardcore (and also acidcore, trancecore and detroit techno).... After discovering the freeparties and influenced in the same time by gabber, punk and techno, he creates a full of energy, humoristic and violent tekcore and in the same time a kind of cheezy electro-techno-house. He joins the hardtechno/freeparty scene in 1997 with the Weasel Busters Sound System. He composed around 40 vynils and CDs.
He plays in clubs and raves all around the world (France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Japan etc...), invited everywhere for his happy, original and strong liveset.

With this release, Keewix proposes his version of "El Mariachi Loco" a classic mexican theme that has been compressed, sampled in an electro style mixed with a heavy dose of tequila !!! This Mariachi Theme grooves perfectly with various modern styles of electro. Check it here with the Keewix version.


  • Original Mix
  • Denzal Park Remix
  • Stereo Heroes Remix
  • Freerange DJs Remix