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Driven by a passion for electronic music since he was a kid, MT Elliot starts recording his first productions when he was 10 years old.
Thanks to various music influences, he found his proper music identity in the electro / dance style.

Following his job in communication department at Contact FM, biggest radio channel in North of France, MT Elliot finally decides to work on personal music projects and to get his name on view.

In 2008 / 2009 he met Miss Gaterie and then different music projects follow and especially their first single called “Jetset” (March 2010/ Airplay Records/ Universal Music Strategic Marketing).
This track offered him the opportunity to get in touch with many artists such as Joanna Rays, Matt River, Laurent Schark, Deekly, Sound Set, Michael Kaiser among others and to work with them on many projects: Joanna Rays album or the track “Feel the Fire” with Sound Set crew…

In 2010, during a private party, MT Elliot met Nick Ebana a Pop/Rock/metal singer with music influences completely different from his own. Nobody could expect their meeting would be the first step for a new collaboration and a new fresh track “Beat of Your Heart” (May 2011/ Pool e Music).
And MT Elliot does not want to stop here!! He is already working on a new release with the sulphurous Neve Diamond.
Stay Tuned!!


  • Original Mix
  • Matt River Remix
  • Cedric Cadieux Remix