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Lyris aka Cyril Helmrich and Alsson Preece aka Allen Chatelard are two young artists coming from North-East part of France. Driven by their passion for electronic music, they met each other during different parties in their area at the end of 2009. Lyris started playing at 17 as a resident Dj in small clubs around Strasbourg and Alsson Preece started mixing at 15 and decided to create his official podcast called Give Me House.
Dj/ producers and remixers, they decide to collaborate at the beginning of 2010. With different music influences and a same interest for house music, progressive house or Tribal house, they work together on many remixes to improve their personal style. Immediately, they received good feedbacks and an interest of what they do.
In 2011, they decide to produce their personal music and the result is this brand new track called “Trouble” signed on Pool e Music.
Today they continue to collaborate on many projects improving their Dj sets with a strong motivation to get a name at an international level!