Giangi Cappai was born 32 years ago in the wonderful Sardinia island. In 1988 he starter to DJ and after a couple of years the step towards production seemed natural. His musical influences have to be researched in the Old Skool Hip Hop of Sugar Hill Gang and in the Cabaret Voltaire and Tangerine Dream; in the afro music, of course in the house from Chicago and Detroit (Marshall Jefferson and Derrick May) and inside the English Acid House Thanks to all these different styles of music, Giangi’s house gets tribal with electronic and jazz influences.
Giangi Cappai’s most well known project is for sure Alma Matris which is the name project behind successes as ‘Musica Electrica’, ‘Ritmo Mecanico’ and ‘Rumore Chimico’. These tracks literally drove crazy the US Clubs and they became real anthems over there.
Giangi loves making music, something that definitely he succeeds in. Last year it was the turn of ‘Humeda’ which sees the partecipation of ‘Sueño Latino’ voice Carolina Damas. The record was very well received and it just warmed up the road for the new Alma Matris single.
‘Rápido’ got quickly into Danny Tenaglia, Peter Rauohfer and Victor Calderone playlists and became a hit in NYC Roxy Club; people went mad every time ‘Rápido’ was on!
After not even a month the name Alma Matris was already on another record. On record label Mantra Vibes, Giangi remixed the successful THE “X” FACTOR ‘Desert Rain’ which was by the way the first record published on Mantra Vibes Italy which shaked the US Clubs…
Giangi has for sure lots of other surprises to show us, so let’s watch out for him!


  • Rapido (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Remix)
  • Rapido (Ralphi Rosario Dub Remix)
  • Rapido (Big Bang Remix)
  • Rapido (Back In Town - Edge Remix)