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Tobias’ career began 1995 in Germany. He started his music career in the famous German HandsUp-Scene and a lot of own releases were produced. Afterwards Tobias found his ways into commercial Electro. Dry basses and clear, brilliant Synthesizer Sounds were awesome. Tobias started producing House / Electro as Major Tosh.

In 2009 Tobias met Mark´Oh and they started collaborating. The results were two very famous singles for Mark´Oh: “United” & “Scatman” scored very high rankings in a lot of Dance & DJ-Charts also the German Media Control Sale Charts. Since that moment Tobias were able to contribute a lot of remixes to very famous acts like Andrew Spencer, Empyre One, Ultra Flirt, Guenta K., Commercial Club Crew, Crystal Lake and many more.

In 2011 he started his solo career with his first own single “I Am Free”. The sound had a lot of summer elements in it and was a granted catchy tune. The single was released on the German Lable gastHOUSE Recordings, very famous for extravagant House- & Electro-Music. The success of the single could be seen in the Dance & DJ-Charts.

After the success of the single a lot of other remix requests came and a lot of bookings all over Germany (Hamburg, Cologne, Bochum, Oberhausen, Ruhr In Love) followed the success, too.

In 2012 he’s back with his second single “Out Of My Mind”. He has put his heart and soul into this single together with a lot of passion. Finally it was it all worth because a brand-new sound is going to make every club partying.


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