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GrooveBox is a Romanian production team, composed by 3 members : KaRO, R.Baisan and Violet. The project started in 2010 and their first single, “Dream”, was released in 2011.
In the past few years, KaRO and R.Baisan produced Hip-Hop and R&B music for many famous artists such as Edward Maya, Vika Jigulina, Sonny Flame, Diedra, Alessia. The team made earlier this year two official remixes for Edward Maya's "Stereo love" and "Desert rain" hit singles. The passion for music and professional skills make GrooveBox a project that could move every dance floor in the future.
As for the vocal herself, Violet, through all the composing and lyrics she had written along the career, she wants to be the instrument of transmitting. Using her voice, sustained by the guts and ideas, the whole team agreed that an insider is best to express their ideas and feelings. So the three of them started on a road meant to colour your life, sometimes dreamy, sometimes dancing, sometimes happy, sometimes a little bit sober. With these "sometimes" showing all of our "all times" on realy interesting, engaging and beautiful music.
In 2012 GrooveBox released their second single entitled “Drink all night”. GrooveBox’s production is blending electro with dance beats and get you on the dancefloor. “Drink all night” is a club banger ready to become a hit.
Universal Belgium answer regarding the release date for their territory. After my IMS meetings we are now in negotiations with Mas Label (Mexic), Blanco Y Negro (Spain), Building Records (Brazil) and a couple of labels from Netherlands for 'Drink All Night'