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Recognized as Dj, producer and remixer, Twill has been playing in the most prestigious french clubs for several years and performed at large events with most famous Dj's. Driven by enthusiasm and passion, his DJ performances usually makes the dancefloor go wild. Regarding his productions, Twill's music is dedicated to the dancefloor with a groovy and catchy club sound usually combined with pure vocals. As proves, his most notable productions 'Black magic', 'Universe' signed on Universal Music or 'Kinky Girl' whose video clip was broadcasted on french music channels and video star on the Web with more than 90,000 cumulated views.

Twill is very productive in studio. Since 2010, he's is developing his own labels 'Flowstone Music' & 'Atrium Sound' with the releases of a progressive track 'Hypnotized', the 2K10 remixes of 'Kinky Girl' and a very classy production 'Nation'. Twill is also more and more requested, his skills and high quality tracks have lead him to work on many remixes for international artists such as Mylene Farmer, Imagination, Corona, Giampiero Ponte, Eric Carter, Jeremy De Koste, Jean Roch, Giorgio Sainz or Gary Pine (Bob Sinclar - 'Love Generation' singer)

2011 looks set to be a pretty good year for Twill. His new production "Be My Lover" Featuring Will Diamond and signed on Pool-E-Music, is a peak time vocal house monster with early support from some of the world’s biggest DJ's like Yves Larock, Matthias Menck, Dj's From Mars, Nino Anthony, Sebastien Drums, Agent Greg…


  • Thom Syma & Julien Stackler Remix
  • Alexdoparis Remix
  • Edit Mix
  • Philip Aelis Remix