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UTIK is a French electronic music group.
Since 2011, the duo has been producing electro and progressive tracks. After the release of their first track “HOW WILL YOU PLAY IT“, they joined the pool of artists signed on Pool e Music : Antoine Clamaran and Laurent Pautrat’s label.
In the beginning, David, as a singer and a musician, performed in various pop-rock bands while William was composing electro music in his home studio.
They began collaborating on electro rock tracks and quickly began mixing in different South East clubs in France.
With their dancefloor experience, their music has become sharper and has taken a decidedly club direction.
“IT’S TIME NOW” from Mills and Kane featuring UTIK was released in 2012, on Pool e Music. The track was particularly well received by critics and has been included in the IBIZA SUMMER HITS 2012 compilation.
At the beginning of 2013, the duo signed the title “SECOND BREATH” on the Tropical Madness Records Argentinean Label.
In May 2013, produced in its brand new studio for the first time, UTIK releases “HOW WILL YOU PLAY IT” signed on Pool e Music. This track has received support from DJ’s from Mars and was included into the FG DANCEFLOOR SUMMER HITS 2013 compilation, as well as into the IBIZA SELECTION 2013 one.
In September 2013, UTIK was back with “TAKE ME HIGHER”, the second track signed on Pool e Music, which included it in its AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT 2013 compilation.
In January 2014, supported by Kid Massive, Maeva Carter and Antoine Clamaran, the track “JUNGLE” confirmed UTIK’s emergence on the electro scene.
From production to remix, from remix to mashup, the energetic duo is moving forwards, showing what they can do, in studio as well as in club.

UTIK…., no matter what …!

UTIK est un groupe français de musique électronique.
Actif depuis 2011, le duo produit des titres électro et progressive. Depuis la sortie de leur titre, « HOW WILL YOU PLAY IT » en 2013, ils font désormais partie des artistes signés chez Pool e Music, label d'Antoine Clamaran et Laurent Pautrat.
A l'origine, David était musicien et chanteur dans différentes formations Pop Rock, William composait des morceaux électro dans son home studio.
A ses débuts le duo produit des titres électro rock, et enchaîne les mixes dans le Sud Est de la France. Au contact des dancefloors, ils affûtent leurs productions et prennent une orientation résolument club.
En 2012 sort sur le label Pool e Music, « IT'S TIME NOW » de Mills and Kane featuring UTIK, qui est particulièrement bien accueilli par les critiques et repris sur la compilation IBIZA SUMMER HITS 2012.
Début 2013 le duo signe le titre « SECOND BREATH » sur le label Argentin Tropical Madness Records.
En mai 2013 sort chez Pool E Music le premier titre produit dans le nouveau studio d'UTIK: « HOW WILL YOU PLAY IT », supporté par DJ's From Mars et repris sur la compilation FG DANCEFLOOR SUMMER HITS 2013 ainsi que sur IBIZA SELECTION 2013.
En septembre 2013, UTIK revient à la charge avec « TAKE ME HIGHER », second titre signé chez Pool e Music qui le place sur sa compilation Amsterdam Dance Event 2013.
En janvier 2014, soutenu par Kid Massive, Maeva Carter et Antoine Clamaran, le titre « JUNGLE » confirme l'émergence d'UTIK parmi la nouvelle scène électro.
De production en remix, de remix en mashup, le duo énergique avance et fait ses preuves, en studio, comme en club.

UTIK………., quoi qu'il arrive…!


  • Original Mix
  • Clement Stalner Remix
  • Optimal Shot
  • Optimal Shot (Willy Saul Remix)
  • Original Mix
  • David Kane CLub Mix
  • Datamotion Remix
  • Enverse Remix