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Producer Simon Neale has been dabbling with electronic music for years. Having parents with diverse record collections meant all styles were appreciated at an early age. Electronic music however became a curiosity and bands like Depeche Mode, New Order and Ultravox were on the music-centre turntable in the bedroom whilst growing up. Then ending up in a secondary school that had an undiscovered TB303 and Juno 60 covered in dust in the music room cupboard, along with a new music teacher geared towards technology (rather than triangles and recorders)… you could say production was inevitable!
In 1991 at the age of 14, the stumbling across a friends mix tape from the legendary south coast ‘Empire club’ carved out (as for many others) an obsession for House music. Every spare minute at school was spent in the newly equipped studio trying to discover how to make dance music. School assembly’s were never quite the same with House and Breakbeat driven tunes pumping out of the theatre… and the only homework that got done was borrowing the 303 to learn how to program it! Leaving school in 1993 however, meant there were no more studios to play in.
DJing was never an interest until 1994, which was also when the opportunity came to set up another studio with the local youth service. But swaying between different genres and lack of any industry knowledge became an obstacle as far as production was concerned, so it was put on the back-burner. DJing at small events and playing at house-parties gained a small local following and the DJ bug was well and truly caught! In 2000, the release of Propellerheads Reason software meant programming (the old school way) was easy and accessible again. Becoming an expert with the software brought about the opportunity to teach music technology at the well established South Downs College, and friendship with Barry Barnett gave him the opportunity to work in sales at Portsmouth’s Groovefinder Records, and become involved with the Groovefinder production team with remixes.
Nowadays, although still teaching and DJing locally, production is top of the list with new projects under-way. Collaborations in the recent past with long-time friend Nicky K (Kindergarten klub ressie) and Darren ‘Sleepless’ Crook brought about the funkier sound and a new way of working with session musician Rob Voller and live engineer Kev Smith. Now using aliases ‘Experiment One’ for tech/prog projects, and ‘Dave Spoon’ (thanks to Fly Mike) for anything big, funky and Housey, Simon is finally ready to hit the scene with his “21th Century” EP. Watch this space…!


  • Bad Girl (At Night) feat. Lisa Maffia (Club Mix)
  • Bad Girl (At Night) feat. Lisa Maffia (Dub Mix)
  • Bad Girl (At Night) feat. Lisa Maffia (Beat Vandals Remix)
  • Bad Girl (At Night) feat. Lisa Maffia (Instrumental)
  • 21st Century (Original)
  • 21st Century (Dj Fist Remix)
  • Who You are