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Born in Medellin, Colombia in 1982 Mario Ochoa’s musical history starts when he first received the first guitar lesson at the age of nine. He also took part in some choirs and even in a school band where he improved his voice skills a little bit more. At the age of twelve Mario’s influences were Sapnish Rock and heavy metal. At fourteen he started flirting with Hip-Hop being part of some local bands.

In 1998 electronic music started strongly in Colombia and Mario Ochoa discovered what would be his real future. Influenced by the storm of electronic sounds Mario started producing his first tracks applying the knowledge he got with his early guitar lessons. Just one year later Mario Ochoa met JESSUS one of the key figures related with the launch of Mario’s musical career. Mario started spreading his tracks among friends and they started supporting him playing the tracks at the big parties in Medellin. He definitely started growing as both DJ & Producer. In the year 2000 Mario Ochoa and JESSUS made “Symphony” a track that reached number one in the best dance station in Medellin “LA SUPER ESTACION 92.9 MEDELLIN”. It quickly became an anthem in the city being played at most of the rave parties and the rest of radio stations as well.

Already in 2001 Mario kept on improving his production skills focusing on more people friendly tracks and also more complex productions being strongly influenced by both tribal sounds and disco sounds of the 80’s. In the beggining of 2002 Mario teamed up with Jessus and DJ Fist all three from Medellin to develope the most important project in electronic music in Colombia until the date, the creation of a compilation CD called “ELECTRO MOVIE SHOP”. A CD based in a film called “LA BURRA” that contained diffent genres in electronic music such as progressive house, latin & tribal house, electro and trance. This compilation finally came out in 2003 and included tracks from eight different local talents and Mario Ochoa included two of his tracks, “Da Bomb” and “Sentimiento Latino”. This last track was a real success both locally and in the rest of the country being one of the most twenty listened songs in Cali, Bogota, Cartagena and of course Medellin. Beside all of this productions, Mario Ochoa was playing at the best clubs in the city along with the best international talents

Nowadays Mario Ochoa is part of different good labels. DISC-DOCTOR, a house label belonging to the acclaimed Spanish producer Dr. KUCHO, In Florida PURE MUSIC and other american small labels like BROWN PAPER BAG RECORDINGS, DRUMLINE RECORDS and UNRESTRICTED RECORDINGS.

In May, new records from Mario Ochoa will see the light. “Habla con la Luna” under DISC-DOCTOR and “Waves of Medellin EP Vol.1” on MOLACACHO RECORDS another Spanish label property of the international DJ & Producer WILLY SANJUAN. Three slammin’ tracks included on an EP which will be the first on a series dedicated to Mario Ochoa and his tribal sound 100% Colombian. MOLACACHO RECORDS has bet for this young Colombian DJ & Producer and is actually managing every Mario’s production. Definitely a young guy to watch out for!!


  • Sometimes (funky madness mix)
  • Sometimes (elektro statik mix)
  • Micro Star
  • Don't Give Up
  • Brazilian Flavor (Original Mix)
  • Brazilian Flavor (Peter Presta Remix)
  • Shake It (Original Mix)
  • Shake It (DJ Fist Remix)
  • Can You Feel It (Original Mix)
  • Can You Feel It (Crazee Mix)