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Starsound is a duo djs / producers consisting of John Kefis and Dimitris Raptis. John and Dimitris were born in the 90s and very early showed their passion for house music. From an early age began to deal with djjing and playing house music in various bars and clubs in the area.Recognition didn't take long to come and began to make their dream true, participating in parties initially with established names such as: Cj Jeff, Claptone, Kolombo, Mario Basanov, Playmen, Vassilis Tsilichristos, George Seiras, Agent Greg, Johnny Gerontakis, Chris Idh, Nikolas Gale and Duke. Always giving their best in all their appearances, and in combination with their excellent musical choices, their parties began to become increasingly sought after, making guest appearances in various locations. Recently they released a bootleg of Red Hot Chili Peppers hit "Otherside" which has allready great response. Over the next days comes their first official release, which is sure to be debated and heard too! The love of Starsound for music keeps them alert and makes them always stay fully informed. The result is: fun and non-stop parties! ENJOY THE MUSIC.