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Of Italian descendant but, born in Venezuela, this young man already has a wide experience, gained pulse for 15 years of career in which he has taken part in one without number of events, both public and prívate. Its preference for the electronics motivated it to intrude in the world of the musical production, field in which one comes developing for some years and that he has left him the biggest satisfactions from the 2007, when he was able to license their first track in digital format. From then on their productions have not stopped to appear, with great frequency, in the Top Ten of their Labels in Beatport, the most noted store of electronic music, at world level.

It has been an arduous work but it feels satisfied that, thanks to their music, they have been gone opening up doors that it never imagined. For she, has already had the privilege of being invited to Río de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Pereira and Manizales, where it has shared scene with recognized and respected Djs of the Local and International scene.

In their country it has had the support of their followers, who have placed it in the first positions as better Dj of Electronic Music, in the TOP DJS VENEZUELA, the last two years. Also, it has participated three consecutive years on VENEZUELA ELECTRONICA, one of the most noted projects in format CD, impelled and produced by the no fewer considered Producer and Driver of the first program of Electronic Court of the country, FUSIBLELIVE.COM.

Has licensed their tracks with the following Labels: HMSPmusic (HMSPdigital, HMSPworld; HMSPlatino) Funkatronik, Muzik X Press, South American House, Supermusic Records, CE Records, Tronic B7 Records and Fire Beats Records.

They are many the plans and not few the goals and he doesn't have doubts, that the perseverance is a virtue that leads to carry out the necessary thing to reach them, in spite of the difficulties or the decrease of the personal motivation. Therefore "perseverance" it is their key word. The perseverance, the mixture of their sounds fused with the Tribal that characterizes he and the support of GOD, they will take it to him at consolidate inside the world electronic scene.