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Mischa DaniŽls

DJ and Producer. Born in the Netherlands. Producing for Dutch finest label, WORK Records. Inspired by producers like Olav Basoski, but has developed his own style throughout the years: peak time music with a twist of disco on it! His latest release is the first of a new series on WORK Records: Mischa DaniŽls Ė In Session. Including the huge club anthem ďOut of ControlĒ which reached the top 3 of the Dutch dancechart last January and will be remixed by Antoine Clamaran. Mischa DaniŽls is one of the hottest upcoming producers in The Netherlands and as dj he plays not only at big venues in The Netherlands but lately also at global spots . Because of his young age, there isnīt a big history of releases, but keep one thing in mind: This man is gonna be HUGE!

Watch out for the new Mischa DaniŽls Ė In Session Vol. 2!
Itīs again, a master piece with the best peak time music

Summer 2006; Mischa come back with a huge track called "Take Me Higher" signed on Fame recordings and Academy Records in France. This track is already played by the best Djs of the planet: Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Robbie Rivera and many more...Stay Tuned, It's just the begining.


  • Mischa Daniels - Are You Dreaming (Anthem Mix)
  • Mischa Daniels - Are You Dreaming (Minimal Mix)
  • Mischa Daniels - Are You Dreaming (Tristan Garner Remix)
  • Take Me Higher (Original Mix)
  • Take Me Higher (Chevy Escolano Remix)
  • Take Me Higher (StoneBridge Remix)
  • Take Me Higher (Noir Remix)
  • Off My Rocker (Club Mix)
  • Off My Rocker (The Bad Mix)
  • Out Of Control (Original Mix)
  • Out Of Control (Antoine Clamaran Remix)
  • Can't Hide Now Baby