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Andrea Moricone was born in Prma in 1988 and since he was child he started to make a bit for the music world. At the age of 14 he starts her career as disc jockey and soon, he has been notice by one of the most attractive local of those years. The Marisol. Quickly, he become the house icon for young people of Parma (near Milan and Bologna). From that moment, he obtains his approval with the most excellent summer local in the province of Parma: Arena Dei Pini.He starts carefully to enter upon new sonorities: elektro-progressive - deep- teck- minimal-funny- jazz! A mix of sounds that allow to become each of his dj set ,a new unavailable relaise! In 2008 he did with his partner, but also his best friend, Genna Parma, the mark Boomalek that, up to now, he works together the best locals of north Italy. They start together a strong collaboration (in console) which originate many alternative and exclusive events. Andrea is a dj of Campus Industry Music Club (ANIMAL KINGDOM crew) .Some places where Andrea Moricone plays as guest: Marisol, Hippopotamus, Arena dei Pini, Mafalda, Gold, cafè delle Ville, Eclipse,Diva Music Gallery(Krakòw) and many more.