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" Do you think itís easier today to become a producer ? Ľ
A.C : Many times, journalists around the world asked me this question and i never knew exactly what to say. Thatís why, one year ago, iíve decided to create a pseudo and try to answer.
The market of the EDM is saturated, so iíve chosen a style more Tech-house, house-Tribal and house to have more freedom and also to be close to the sounds of my first productions.
I started this project as if it was the first time for me in studio, using all the ways available now : softwares, keyboards and sounds banks.
My first goal was to successfully make known my project to the labels and the DJs without revealing my name ę Antoine CLAMARAN Ľ
My second goal was to produce a lot of tracks (one per week plus new remixes) and to release them with differents labels.
One year later and after 45 released tracks, i would like to thank the labels which supported my project.
Vamos Music, Jungle Funk Recordings, Instereo Recordings, Bongo Tone, Influential House, PP Music, Latin lovers Records, Marfil digital, Durti Music Records, No Color, S2G Productions, HouseSession Records, Casa Rossa, Whore House, Tumbata Records, Wazzup ? Records, Juicy Music, SYS Music, Soleado Recordings, Electroscene.
It is today more difficult but still possible to become a producer. Before, selling vinyl records enabled to earn money quickly, giving the opportunity to producers to go on producing without needing another job.
This is not possible today with the sales of tracks via the download platforms and the majority of the earnings comes from the Djs sets and bookings.
Thank you to all my team
I would want to thank you Rio who has managed Agua Sin Gas till the beginning (without knowing that I was behind this project)