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Hiisak & Markez they met individually after a similar path, but one in Milan and one in Palermo. Are always immersed in everything that makes a sound and decide to work together after discovering to have an innate harmony and a real compensation of each other. First, Paul's drummer since the age of 7 years, then moved to vinyl, has always produced music, driven by love towards the funky. The second, Marco, it also musician, music has its roots in symbiosis with the piano. A tool that still considers the forge of his compositions. Paul looks back on some years as Ghost Producer of some of the most popular hits played in the Dj Set Radio and Italian, while Marco, he graduated in the mix and mastering sound engineer, continues to compose melodies always original and adapted to the world of clubbing . The harmony between the two is dictated not only by the music, but also by some personal episodes that differently marked life and decisions. Today Hiisak & Markez after they met for a little less than a year, call themselves brothers, united mainly by love for music, the North-European, defined as "Swedish".