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One of the most explosive talents to rise from the Canadian dance scene who is now taking the world by storm! Dave Armstrong is Canada's own fast rising superhero of funk that has been known to shake down venues every time he gets behind the decks. Dave's following has grown internationally almost parallel to his progression of style both on the decks and in the studio. Dave has releases on such prominent labels as Canada's own "Eyezcream Records", Steve Angello's Swedish Label «Size Records», Olav Basoski’s «Rootz Records», Italy’s «Oxyd», Antoine Clamaran’s French label «Fine-Tune Records», with the club hit “Make your Move (Dare Me)” and his own label "Truth Recordings" amongst many others. Rest assured this man is one to keep your eye on from now long into the future!

In a world filled with so many imitators and so few innovators it comes as a great relief when the gods of electronics music bestow upon the dance community a true spirited crusader dedicated to helping elevate the evolution of electronic music as we know it today to new and undiscovered heights.

Someone who can step up and be the ringmaster to guide the frenzied dance masses to a new level in audio awareness in what music can bring to the heart and the soul. That innovator, that crusader, that ringmaster of downright funkdified goodness is none other than Dave Armstrong.

Leading up to his “electronic awaking”, Dave was influenced by old school innovators such as Prince, Cerrone, Jacques Petrus and Mario Malavasi, Chic, T-Connection, Con Funk Shun, the Dazz Band among countless others. But before testing his skills at the arts of producing it was the DJ that inspired Dave to take the first step to the stage of superstardom. “After seeing the DJ at the first party I attended” Dave says, “I decided immediately that I wanted to do the same thing; two days later I had my first pair of turntables”. Wasting no time Dave immersed himself into the rapid paced world of 12-inches vinyl mayhem gaining a rapid understanding of the art that is DJing.
It didn’t take long at all before Dave felt confident enough to take his skills behind the decks to venues that housed large audiences of DJ dance fans eager to hear this new DJ prodigy that had risen amongst the Vancouver scene. Ever unpredictable, Dave started from the get-go by delving into a variety of different musical styles learning to master a broad range of music instead of sticking to just one genre.
With such versatility and a phenomenal niche in putting it altogether into one flawless arrangement started to make Dave a name that buzzed among the local dance community and soon abroad. Dave’s most memorable performance thus far was an event called “Northern” in Duncan, BC, in 1998. Successful shows like “Northern” had Dave salivating for more of the feelings good music and good parties gave him.

Having thus felt solidified in his skills on the “1s and 2s” logical progression soon seduced Dave into testing his skills in the studio and within the limitless world of production. Dave’s knack for radical new dance sounds had him almost effortlessly assembling solid arrangements and productions that received wide praise for the limited few who had heard his undeniable studio talents thus far. Fooling around with simple sequencing gear and PC programs gave Dave the ammunition he needed to step things up a notch.
And step up he did when in the year of 2000 Dave had his very first 12-inches production release along with a close friend of his as the tag team alias Groovy And Prime and their “Listen Here EP” on a Florida based label called Busy Beat. The solid response around the globe this EP gave Dave encouraged him to put his producing skills into full gear and start getting really serious with his new found talent. So taking his time Dave spent the better part of that year and the next assembling a tight nit collection of solo works covering a variety of musical styles such as House, Disco House, Deep House, Techno, 2-Step and Downtempo.

Now fast forward to 2002 where Dave is at the top of his game and poised for world recognition with his signature style. Dave’s big break came just at the end of the 2001 season with a chance introduction to industry figure-head Brandon Riley who co-runs operations of the famed Soul Phusion Records label and DJ Dan’s new In Stereo imprint among others and who is also the man behind the world renowned Disco Kidz duo. This meeting was destiny in the making as both Dave and Brandon struck up and instant friendship that helped propels Dave’s music to the major leagues of the dance industry playing field.
In only a half a years time in the 2002 season Dave has seen a slew of his original and remix works release in a variety of labels each work receiving critical acclaim with a countless line-up of new hits to follow. Dave has released works such as his “Prime Kutz EP” on DJ Dan’s In Stereo label and the “Slam Jam EP” on Toronto’s new Strada Recordings imprint as well as remixing the likes of Sweden’sChuck Cogan, lA’s Raoul Zerna and Florida’s Disko Kidz on label such as Soul Phusion, A-Squared Muzik and Dedicated Music and he is only getting started! Dave’s 12-inches masterpieces have won the heart and admiration of some of the biggest in the biz such as Olav Basoki, DJ Dan, Antoine Clamaran, Angel Alanis, Bad Boy Bill, Judge Jules, DJ Disciple, Robbie Rivera and many more who all play and chart his records like there is no tomorrow.

With such a heavy buzz and new demand for the sounds of Dave Armstrong, Dave finds himself juggling a hectic increasing DJ schedule playing all over the world.
Production wise Dave is busy completing remixes of France’s famed Sébastien Léger and working on additional original productions for labels like Soul Phusion, Insight, Moonshine Music and more. Only time will tell what new jaw-dropping works will be unleashed on the dance community and rest assured the fans both old and new all eagerly await the newt move from the dance prophet himself…Dave Armstrong!


  • Make Your Move (Dare Me) (Exclusive Vibe Drum Remix)
  • Make Your Move (Dare Me) (Antoine Clamaran Remix)
  • Release The Tension (Original Mix)
  • Release The Tension (DJ Flex Remix)
  • Chunk A Funk
  • Make Your Move (Dare Me) (Original Mix)
  • Make Your Move (Dare Me) (Antoine Clamaran Remix)
  • Make Your Move (Dare Me) (Exclusive Vibe Drum Remix)
  • Make Your Move (Dare Me) (Antoine Clamaran Remix)