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All really started in 2009 when Julien Scalzo won Pete Tong's production contest and got his track "Piano Story" released on Bedroom Bedlam. This gave him new opportunities to work with some notorious artists like the american singer Keith Thompson for whom he made an official remix at the end of that year. He also collaborated with world-renowned violinist Sarina Suno to release the track "Dancing Violin" in 2011 which has been ranked on Beatport and remained as one of the most appreciated.

In 2011, Julien took a turn in his musical career by signing a record deal with Njoy Records in France. His first EP "Remember" featuring Paolo Mezzini was supported and remixed by Muttonheads and appeared on several Radio FG compilations.
In 2012, he produced his second EP "No Ending" with the same singer which got a stronger impact in nightclubs and regional FM radio stations. His single has been ranked for more than 2 months in DJ Buzz top 100.

Since 2013, Julien devotes the major part of his time to his DJ activity, playing in prestigious clubs in France with his numerous residencies and guest dates such as "Projet" (51), "Hype" (57), "VIP 55" (55), "Marina" (88), "Klubb" (72), "Privat" (95)...
In 2015, he mixes for the first time in one of the most prestigious nightclub in Luxembourg: "Byblos".

His experience of the dancefloor has given him the ability to feel people's expectations. His high coloured sets are a mix of styles between trendy hip hop and house music but also classics from the 80's, disco - funk and pop rock, without forgetting current dance hits.