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Tommy the Sound, born near the Dutch city of Utrecht (The Netherlands), has had a big interest for all kinds of music from a young age. At the age of eleven house music caught his attention.

His DJ adventure started out in his hometown where he played at several local bars. In a few years time he got booked in some of the hottest clubs around the country. During this time he met DJ Jean, who invited Tommy to play at his famous Madhouse Club Nights (Club iT, Powerzone Amsterdam).

In 2008 Tommy the Sound teamed up with JVA (Mike Luck/Tinlicker). Under their alias ‘Essential Groovers’ they joined Be Yourself Music to drop releases on labels like Dirty Soul and Big & Dirty. They also hosted ‘Bigger Than Life Radio’ this was a monthly radio show. After four years doing Essential Groovers Tommy and Jordi decided to go their own way. After almost two year studio and sound shaping Tommy is back!

The last years Tommy the Sound has prepared to cook up some of his own recipe of house and groovy tech house. This year (2015) you can expect a lot of new music according to his personal slogan ‘Life is music, music is life!’.