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Marco Scaia is an italian dj/producer born in 1991.
He studied music since he was 6 years old, he can play the piano, guitar and trumpet, also is both songwriter and composer of all his songs.
He started making music when he was 13 then he started DJing, first in private parties and then in various Italian clubs.
From 2012 until the beginning of this year, he made up a duo called B-Faces.
Initially the project B-FACES produces Italian "dance-pop" music before moving to EDM.
In March of this year was released by Net's Work Records, the single called Love The Bass, also appreciated by Merk & Kremont and other Italian DJs.
After this single, Marco decided to take a “solo road” and create a new project called SCAIA (as his last name), a musical project oriented around Electro, Progressive, Future-Deep and Tropical House genres. 1 June 2015 he joined the Black Hand Management Agency with artists such as HoneyPot, Alex Nocera, Gil Sanders, Renegade, Nicolas Palazzi, Jack Bernini and many more.