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DJ Silence :

In 1998 and 2004 Silence became the Technics dutch house dj Champion. Silence has developed a great spinning style after those years of dj-ing.
For Silence there are no musical boundries. He can easily combine urban,classix, latin & house music. He uses his skills like scratching and quick mixing within house music in his dj-sets & sometimes graps the mic and hype up the crowd!
When you have DJ Silence at your party, there is no way that the crowd can sit down!

This dj has gigs all over europe like Holland,Germany, Belgium, France, Norway, Switserland,Turkey & Spain.
Silence has given away live mix demo's for IDP/DMC Holland, Pioneer Holland.

On the production scale Silence got some big club hits on his name like: Shake That, Latin Injection, Bomba Latina, Play it Loud , Rip it up , Rasta Battaria, Party Time! (with DJ Jean) & some official remixes like:
Amsterdao,Yeke Yeke 2011 & Get your ass up.
At this moment he scores with another club hit: 'Qeu Passa'! This is a summer latin House floorfiller.
Support by Gregor Salto, Dj Jean, Slam fm, FunX and many more..

More releases will follow and Silence is ready to rock your party worldwide & further with his latin/dutch sound!

DJ Superior :

Superior is best known for his scratching and technical skills behind the turntables, his
capability of playing a wide range of different types of music and blending them together so
perfectly to a sound of what today is known as Urban Eclectic. Whether it’s a club night,
festival, corporate event, wedding, birthday or teen party…Superior will give that extra to your
event making it impossible to sit still!

Marvin Arthur Braafheid a.k.a. DJ Superior was born in Rotterdam the Netherlands on April
30th of 1977. Together with his older sister and parents he moved to Surinam at the age of 5
and spent most of his childhood there. He got in touch with music because of his father.
Every Sunday afternoon while his father listened to music he would put a headphone on his
head and make him listen to music. His mother says she noticed his affection for music as
early as a baby boy because he would use pens or sticks and hit with them on the heater
creating drumming sounds. While he was drumming, his sister would stand on the table
singing with a hairbrush in her hand using it as a microphone.

In 1987 he returned to Rotterdam which has become his hometown ever since. He started
taking drumming classes every Wednesday afternoon and continued doing so for five years.
At the age of 12 he became a volunteer at a Community Center called ‘De Boeg’ for their
weekly teen disco nights. They had two separate nights, one for children between the age of
12 and 14 and the other one between 15 and 18. This is where he first got introduced to
turntablilism. Little did he know then, that that would be the beginning of his career as a
successful DJ.

He fell in love with the turntables and entertaining people through music. It didn’t take people
very long to notice his affection and musical talents and while other boys his age would be out
playing soccer, he would spend most of his free time practicing turntabilism with the Technics
SL 1200. Shortly after his kick off as DJ, he ran into another young man that seemed to
share the same passion as he did. They joined together as a DJ team and named themselves
“The Coversquad”. Individually they were known by the name DJ Deepcover (his partner) and
DJ Undercover (himself). His first official gig in a club was at the age of 14. At that time he
was the youngest DJ to have ever performed in a club. He began experimenting how to make
music with the Amiga 500, which was actually a computer. The results of that experiment
were his first bubbling based beat sample. It was at that time that the ‘Bubbling’ era began.

Bubbling back then was known as today’s dancehall from Jamaica played up-tempo. It
became extremely popular in the Netherlands and the Coversquad released 8 mixtapes that
became a major hype throughout the country. The Coversquad grew to become the most
popular and wanted DJ team, ruling the R&B scene of the Netherlands between 1993 and
2003. After many successful years as the Coversquad they decided to go separate ways in
2003. He changed his name from DJ Undercover to DJ Superior. From there on new doors
opened up allowing him to grow into a multi-talented music artist.