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Lipous :

Lipous é sinônimo de qualidade quando se trata de House Music. Com um repertório recheado de produções próprias e muito groove, o DJ coleciona shows por todo Brasil incluindo também Ibiza.

Base On :

Since very young, Base On already crawled on vinyl discs on his parent’s music store. His lullabies were packed by the music played on the turntable in the rhythms of disco and techno music. Artists, suchs as, Kraftwaerk, New Order and Giorgio Moroder, among others, were part of this prodigy’s repertoire. Gradually his taste for eletronic music spoke louder and little by little his career as a DJ, and most importante, as a music producer took place.

As a producer, he was renowned for his numerous projects throughout his career, being Base On his newest one. San Schwartz is one of the biggest names on the national scenario, his productions has gained prominence in the top charts, music sales specialized websites and, more importantly, on the dance floors. The strong influence of house and techouse music on his career led him to be mentioned in the European magazine, Mega Mix, as one of the big boys from Brazil. His music and talent will engage you with his contagious sets and his remarkable productios.
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