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Andrea Lombardi was born in La Spezia in July 1994.
The passion for music was born very early, at the age of 12 starts his first steps as a guitarist, After a few years also cultivates the passion of DJ, playing in the first school parties.
During the summer 2011 the desire to compete and perform in front of the audience, leads him to join the New Generation Sound founded by Valentino Ciuffardi where he performed at major festivals of the Val di Vara (Beverino in the box, Beer Festival Brugnato, House Party Rich ').
From here begans the first requests of the most famous clubs in the area including:

Juxtap (Sarzana), Glamour Bar (Sarzana), Glamour Disco (Aulla), Compass (Versilia), Seven Apple (Versilia), Lido Le Panteraie (Montecatini), Cuccaro (La Spezia).
Twiga Beach Club (Versilia),
The Season (Versilia), Akua (La Spezia).
In 2016 he moved to Barcelona to begin his career as a producer and devote himself to his music.
Currently he signed to Essential Records House (Label From Ibiza) the Track ACTION and for Ambassade Records (Label from Paris) the Track REALIZED.
He is also working on several projects for summer 2016 with Spanish Radio (Play Muisc Radio Show) and many nationally known artists.
His dj set is electrifying, characterized by many future deep house sounds and bass, with alternating contemporary commercial music.