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Sloppy 5th's LAME BIO:
Degenerate gambling spoon salesman by day, who often sells his blood up to 5 times a week to support his habit.....ass shaking, house rocking dj by night. This is the Yin and Yang of the one they call The Sloppy 5th's. Known by dozens of people all over the world (maybe less), The Sloppy 5th's (aka Dave Raphael) horrible life choices seem to have no effect on his ability to stone cold kill it once he get's behind the decks. All his troubles are left behind.....his child support payments, his glue sniffing issues and his carpel tunnel syndrome from scratching too many scratch tickets - gone. Dave say's his struggles forced him to become the best dj/producer he can possibly be because if it doesn't work out, he'll end up in jail, or under a bridge. Using this motivation to stay out of the Dade County Correctional facility is actually serving him well as things are seriously picking up for this loveable misfit. His style is tunes that get people rocking. It may be techno, electro or funky house, as long as it's underground and the crowd's digging it, then it's a go. You will be hard pressed to hear tracks you've heard before during his sets, and for good reason - he spends endless hours collecting untapped gems rather than settling for run of the mill commercial tunes. In a recent online interview, his now infamous quote of "Dj's need to spend more time looking for original tracks and less time pimping out their laptop - the same laptop they play their pre-recorded bullshit sets on!" has become his mantra for some reason. If Dave sees someone "mixing" without headphones or playing nothing but this weeks beatport top 10, he's been known to take off his clip on tie and beat them with it (and then pick their pocket). With all the chaos in this troubled man's life, this year his productions have really taken off, charting on beatport, and other funky download sites. With Sirius XM mixes and Itunes Podcasts under his belt, a slew of remixes and other junk slated for release by the end of the year and a hectic production schedule shaping up, things are getting pretty crazy.


  • Original Mix
  • Sergio Matina & Gabry Sangineto TendenziA Remix