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Lorenzo (born 17 August 1993), commonly known by his stage name JAYKOX, is a young talented italian DJ/producer & remixer. His passion for music started at the age of 6 listening to his fatherís collection of cds and vinyl records. By the age of 14 he expressed interest in becoming a DJ after watching some famous DJs playing in Italy at work. At age 16 he began playing in some Italian clubs and in the same year bought his first MacBook pro with which he began to make his first bootlegs and remixes.

He soon realized that the music that surrounded him at the time was of a very high quality so to improve his skills and knowledge on music production, he participated in various courses of computer music. In a year he masters the Cubase software for its studio productions. After that, his works finally started to be successful.

In the early years he produces its tracks under various pseudonyms without giving too much importance to his true identity. Only in 2013, because of a coincidence that happened while he was working in the studio with his mentor Fedo Mora, he finally found the name that will accompany him throughout all his artistic career. That name is JAYKOX.