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Drumstix are basically two long-time friends, namely Max Arnese and Alex "Paxi" D'Esposito, sharing their own passion for the music at 360 degrees.
We took our first steps in the music industry "one generation" ago, at the end of 80's.
Since the beginning we spun the records on a "quality-oriented" basis enhancing our sets with technical skills.
We followed Detroit Techno House as well as the "98 bpm" movement. We enjoined, among the others, Marshall Jefferson and Lil Louis as well as Gang Starr and "Doo-Bop".
We are today in the "EDM movement" and we are pleased to offer worldwide our music and our "stylicious" sound.
On late 2014 Mr Enzo Russo, a very talented dj producer, joined the project. Enzo started to play music at a young age. Starting from 2012, he became also producer using his creativity as remixer and to create own music as well. His stylish sounds is market out with bass-heavy grooves and steady melodies.
The 3 members of Drumstix are forming a balanced friendly-oriented combination of deejay/producers aimed to create and deliver and play stylicious tracks.