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Sébastien Boumati started mixing his first vinyl records at the very young age of 12, while other kids on the block took piano lessons. His musical background goes back to the disco era and the 80's italo-dance golden years. However, as he listened to the French Radio Maxximum broadcasting the beginning of house and techno productions in the early 90's, Sébastien had his calling and has been hooked to electronic music ever since.

After a degree in acoustics, he gained his first residency at club Acropol, located in the suburbs of Paris. During 2 years, under the supervision of Bruno Musitelli and Eric C., he improved his mixing skills while broadening his musical knowledge.

In 1999, Sébastien Boumati began a 5-year residency at Paris' world famous Queen club, and played alongside many superstar DJs. The music played by Sébastien, an eclectic yet dancefloor-friendly mix of vocal house records and tribal beats, quickly gave him a strong recognition among the Parisian gay crowd, especially for Sunday evening tea-dance parties (such as Be Lounge, Spray, Kaliente, Plaisir, Mecx, Un amour de dimanche).

Beside his DJ sets at night, Sébastien Boumati worked at Bastille Vinyl records store between 2001 and 2003. He was given the opportunity to select and mix Paris' Queen club compilation titled "Queen Summer 2003" (released on the label Naďve). Starting October 2003, Sébastien became resident DJ at Paris brand new club Amnesia and played there every Saturday and Sunday till he quit in May 2004. Now he play at Redlight Club in Paris. Owing to his musical knowledge and talent behind the decks, his DJ sets have been in demand for many years in French clubs as well as abroad.