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Fedde le Grand's adventure began when he started to spin at the Danssalon in Eindhoven, one of Holland’s finest clubs at those days. He has fulfilled his residency on Sundays for more than two years, where he performed for the always critical gay crowd who only expected the best every Sunday.

After been there…done that, his career took off, and now Fedde performs all over The Netherlands at the best clubs, and club nights like: Sneakerz at Panama (Amsterdam), HouseQuake at Escape (Amsterdam), the award winning Love Boat (Amsterdam), Jackies (Rotterdam), Thalia (Rotterdam), Discotheque (Rotterdam), Now & Wow (Rotterdam), Sneakerz / HouseQuake at De Rechter (Eindhoven) and last but not least, Extrema, one of the finest event organizations in The Netherlands.

As you all probably have noticed, Sneakerz is his own club night which Fedde le Grand created in cooperation with 1 Management.
Besides creating club nights he is also creating music.

Fedde le Grand has been producing since 2001. His tracks have been signed by Little Mountain Recordings (Sander Kleineberg), Influence (Antoine Clamaran), Flamingo Records, Work, the UK labels CR2 Records and Toolroom. His hottest tune at the moment 'Put your hands up for Detroit' was first released under Flamingo Records and later on, under CR2 Records.

Since 1998, Fedde le Grand has rocked almost every high-quality-club of The Netherlands and he is considered to be one of the most energetic and danceable DJs around. Fedde does not leave his expertise only inside The Netherlands. Outside this little country you can hear him in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Greece, and Israel - Tel Aviv, where you can find him next to people like Deep Dish, Audio Bullies, Tenaglia, and Victor Calderone, just to name a few.

You can regularly listen to Fedde le Grand as a guest appearance on Radio 3FM's leading ‘Ministry of Beats’. His tunes are played on every dance radio station in the Netherlands but also on Pete Tong’s radio program in the UK. So if you are a music freak we advise you to keep your eyes and head focused on this turntableist / producer because he will fill your heart and he will keep you going and coming back for more.


  • The Vibe (Original Mix)
  • The Vibe (Antoine Clamaran Remix)