In the early 1990s, Vincent Rouffet, aka DJ Vince Ruff, toured the clubs in Brussels. He then met DJ Rickstar, with whom he embarked on a highly successful recording venture.
In 1997, the two deejays produced “FUNK INNOVATION”, the first release of SYNDICATE OF L.A.W., under the Brussels-based GUN RECORDS label.
Later Vince rediscovered the huge vinyl record collection (including tracks from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s) of his father Daniel Rouffet, who was the founder of the NUNK label, known particularly for the single “Evelyne Thomas – High Energy”, which received a Gold Record Award in Belgium.
The “STRATRAXX” compilation, named after a disco bar founded by Rick & Vince, was directly inspired by those vinyl oldies.

During this period, Vince met many artists there, including MC Spike Shurakano, Chill Will and – fatefully – Frank Degrees.

Frank used to perform jams with his guitar, bass and drums.
Frank, a well-known composer/producer in Belgium, notched up an impressive number of hits in the 1980s, including Night Force, Frank Paolo, Francis Goya, etc.
In the 1990s he worked together with Junior Jack on many new concepts, among them several titles for ROOM 5 and remixes for Jocelyn Brown, GALA (“Freed from desire”) and the “The Loft” TV reality show.

However, it was only in 2005 that Frank and Vince started working together on studio projects.
The talented DJ and the talented musician got on like a house on fire.
From their collaboration was born “GROOVELAND Tell me”, a funky-house/pumpin’ mix with captivating vocals (performed by the vocals that has Junior Jack’s “Stupidisco” to its credit).

Michel Bellens, aka Iane Robbertson, released the title under the GUN RECORDS label.
This was quickly followed by releases in the UK (Lowered Recordings/AATW) and France (Pool E Music).


  • Tell Me (Original Vocal Mix)
  • Tell Me (Dub Version)
  • Tell Me (Extended Instrumental)